That’s a wrap for Graham & Co

Fresh new look for a modern local business.

Graham & Co smart car 2016

Smart car!

Long-standing local clients of mine Graham & Co – Andover’s most successful estate agent – recently asked my amazing team and I to undertake an exciting and diverse project; redesigning the branding on their company cars.

Branding: the customer experience

Often forgotten or underestimated, branding is a crucial element to any business; whether local, national, SME or sole trader, branding is more than just a business’ logo – it’s the way content is written, the look of your website, the atmosphere in your office, and your customer service. Anything the customer, or potential customers, sees and experiences of your business comes under branding, so getting it right is key to maintaining existing relationships and gaining new business.

For Graham & Co – whose staff regularly drive to viewings in their branded company cars – maintaining a modern and contemporary feel to their branding is particularly important, as they constantly adapt and evolve within an ever changing and particularly competitive industry.

A local business that puts its community at the heart of everything it does, Graham & Co’s modern yet personal feel needed to be reflected in the new wrapping of the cars.

Previously, the cars were wrapped with a smaller version of the Graham & Co logo, repeated across the whole of the cars – from roof to wheels! Although effective, the cars looked busy and the logo wasn’t as clear as it could be.

Eye-catching, clear, and efficient branding

Needing to catch the eye of potential customers quickly, and efficiently, we decided that the most effective way to present the brand on the cars would be to increase the size of the logo and reduce the repetition; opting for one large image of the logo on each prominent area of the car, including the bonnet and sides.

Now, as Graham & Co’s company cars whizz around the town, potential customers are able to see clearly exactly the business they represent; now fresher, cleaner, and more contemporary than ever before!

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