Supporting our clients, in all-terrains

Building lasting relationships and working with others to deliver success

Talos logo designMy amazing team here at Created and I love a challenge; from an entire rebrand of ever asset associated with a single SME, to the branding of a new set of business uniforms, we all thoroughly enjoy getting stuck in, thinking outside the box, and working with other companies to deliver success.

This is why, recently, we were delighted to work with our website design partners Webkick to deliver the effective rebranding of local business Caged Steel Force Company, and their powerful all-terrain vehicle, Talos.

Coming to us and Webkick with the need for a new brand and a new website, the Created team and I set to work; firstly getting to know their business, its aims, and its audience, and then creating the perfect logo to reflect this; powerful, masculine, and outstanding.

Let your product do the talking

Opting for a white graphic on a black background, we wanted to emulate the look and feel of other motor companies, whilst clearly conveying the most striking physical attributes of the vehicle itself – letting the strength of the product speak for the credibility of the business.

The new branding came with a new name for the business – Talos – highlighting the product itself, and the business’ USP; creating agile, powerful all-terrain vehicles (called ‘Talos’) for the military and civilian sectors.

Once the logo was completed, we were then able to hand over to Webkick to create a great looking, minty fresh website that works well for the business; using SEO, social features, and a brand new News & Events section to keep audiences engaging with the work of the business on an informal level – driving enquiries and increasing sales.

Happy clients and lasting relationships

Goodwood Festival of Speed
I’m delighted with the new, clean branding of Talos, and am even more pleased to share with you the happiness this most unusual client – so happy, in fact, that they took us out for a spin in one of their vehicles, and gave us free tickets to a festival they were appearing in last weekend; none other than the internationally renowned Goodwood Festival of Speed!

We all had a wonderful time creating this logo, and working with Webkick on this project; and I truly believe that so much of this success comes from getting to know our clients and their businesses personally, and forming lasting relationships with them…

Who’s up for Goodwood FOS 2017? I know I am!

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