Going Green in business

Peter_Tesar_adFor a number of years, I’ve been working closely with local building designer Peter Tesar. During this time, I’ve been involved in the design of his website, brochure and advertising material.

‘Green Living’ and sustainability are particularly important to Tesar, particularly within his work, and in a society continually urged to recycle, reduce our carbon emissions and work towards a cleaner planet, Going Green in business could not only be good for your carbon footprint or your conscience, but also for differentiating your business from your competitors.

Going green in business with the BMW i3

BMW i3

Peter Tesar (left) and his shiny new toy

As Tesar would say: “practice what you preach!”, and he recently made the decision to purchase an electric car; a BMW i3 (with range extender!).

Tesar and I have always shared a passion for transport, so I was keen to take a look at his new car as soon as I could.

I must say, I was impressed! The i3 truly is an innovation – packed with hi-tech materials and cutting-edge engineering, this car feels a world away from the first small, impractical electric cars that started gracing the market several years ago.

The i3 can only make around 80 miles before the range extender engine kicks in (the little petrol engine doesn’t drive the wheels but acts as a generator to recharge the batteries), but with the traditional rear-wheel-drive, it’s as enjoyable to drive as any other BMW.

Surprisingly roomy for such a small car, the i3 is not only better for the environment than a ‘normal’ car, but also comfortable to drive and a pleasant space to be in. Whilst the back seats are relatively small, with no B-Pillar running down the middle, they’re very easy to get in and out of.

The i3 is also cheap to run, which is always a bonus! A full charge will cost just a couple of pounds and, charged from a normal domestic plug, will take around 7 or 8 hours. It’s also exempt from a number of road charges, including London’s congestion charge.

All in all, I enjoyed my experience with the BMW i3 – it’s a nice, economical and environmentally friendly little car. An extension of Tesar’s belief in sustainability and ‘Green Living’ – helping to set him apart from other businesses.

I also enjoyed the photo shoot we had with Kin Ho! Don’t we look professional (!?)