Haringtons case study: The Importance of Identifying a Business’s Unique Selling Point


With every client we support here at Created, comes a unique set of requirements, goals and consequent expectations; every client has their own vision. Our job is to translate that into a strong brand identity – setting our clients apart from their competitors – and not only understand what makes […]

The Power of Video Production

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Understanding the power of video production and what it can do, together with Social Media and strong branding, can make your business stand out from the crowd. With the invention of Social Media, came a revolutionary change to the way in which the world accesses and consumes information online. Particularly due […]

YouTube Cards are here!

What are YouTube cards?

As more and more people across the world access the Internet through mobile devices, something very exciting is happening over at YouTube: YouTube Cards, a brand new introduction from these online giants – annotations for mobile. What are YouTube Cards? Normally, when you want someone to click on something on […]

Can YouTube benefit your business?

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We all enjoy a quiet moment spent browsing the world’s number one video site for the creative, the newsworthy, the informative and the downright hilarious – but what some don’t realise is the potential of YouTube when it comes to helping spread your business’ marketing message further. First, to put […]